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Chef Vows To Repeal Menu.

Chef Andy announced on Twitter this weekend that he plans to replace the entire Nook menu. The Chef offered no timeline or details but said “don’t worry, it’s going to be terrific.” Meanwhile, you can start off what promises to be an interesting week with a lively meal of PEIs and Fries! That’s Prince Edward Island mussels, toast and a bowl of fries with lemon aioli for $15. Laundry day at Nook kicks off your week bigly.


Chef Andy, Tear Down This Wall.

There’s nothing impeding you from joining us for three delectable courses this Sunday, January 15th. You’ll have easy access to a Shaved Vegetable Salad barricaded with Arugula, Pepitas and Citrus Vinaigrette. Pan Roasted Chicken Breast gets a border of Broccolini, Wild Rice Pilaf and Beet Puree. Enjoy a tiny fortress of Lemon Panna Cotta with Candied MInt and Winter Citrus. Arthur isn’t just another brick in the wall, he’s the bartender.


Ken Golick.

Ken Golick is a really nice guy and an aficionado of the cocktail making arts. When he asked for our Louisianne recipe I didn’t hesitate. I was delighted though when he brought me back a bottle of his “remix.” Come by and try the drink Ken Golick crafted with brandy, benedictine and bitters. It’s called Ken Golick. Ask for it by name. Photo (not of Ken Golick) by Kat Pham.


Kimchi Deviled Eggs.

Nothing says “New Year” like a Deviled Egg and a glass of Prosecco. Come and take advantage of our amazing All Night Happy Hour at the Communal Table and Counter. We’re pouring $5 wine and cocktail selections, serving up Nook’s unique bar menu, and tonight we’re plating Deviled Eggs spiked with Kimchi, just for a twist. All Night Happy Hour at Nook: it’s intentional.


If You've Done Nothing Yet In 2017, Do This.

It’s five days into 2017 and we’ve done nothing. Time to change all that! Join us Sunday, January 8th as we resolve to feed you three courses full of intent for just $25. Butternut Squash and Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Chickpeas, Spinach and Pesto shows you that “the beginning” is really up to you. Pan Roasted Steelhead Salmon, Mushroom Risotto and Parmesan Broth arrive with the promise of transformation. Fried Plantains with Hazelnut Gelato and Chocolate Sauce for dessert makes a brand new ending, so eat it. You can achieve it, Arthur can help you (at the bar).