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Do The Laundry Before It Does You.

Feel like you could use a fresh start? Laundry Day is the Monday special at Nook Bistro that helps you initiate a new cycle. Kick one off with us tonight, November 14th as we serve up Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Barley Pilaf, Roasted Brussels & Apple-Parsnip Puree for just $15. Laundry Day at Nook: press the button, we got cleanin’ to do!


Sunday Dinner Is A Tasty Transition.

After a divisive election, it’s now time for us all to get behind Nook Bistro and join in a three course Sunday Dinner on November 13th. Chef Andy has appointed a Blistered Grape and Mixed Green Salad with Apple, Toasted Almond and Pickled Red Onion to his pantry (that’s what you call a cabinet in a restaurant). Grilled Chicken with Roasted Mushrooms, Butterfried Potatoes and Cherry Compote tastes like delicious democracy. A Date Cake with Caramel Sauce and Whipped Cream reaches across the aisle. Arthur ensures the peaceful transition of power with artfully crafted cocktails at the bar.


Need Some Comfort?

Maybe you’re feeling a little blue this week, maybe you’re not. Either way, Nook Bistro is a bastion of comfort and deliciousness in these crazy times, and we have just the thing for you: Mac and Cheese. You’ve had it, remember? It’s the Mac and Cheese that LA Weekly ranked 6th best in Los Angeles (even though it won the popular vote) and it’s waiting for you here at Nook.


Nook Catering Menu Is Here.

We’re unveiling our new catering menu just in time for the holidays. It’s got the flavors of Nook that you’ve come to love but packaged family style for groups. If you’ve found yourself in charge of feeding a bunch of people, or maybe just need a little help with sides for the holidays, we’ve got options for you. Check out our catering page here.


Tomorrow Might Be The End, But Today Is Laundry Day.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the polls and make some big decisions, but there’s an easy decision about where to go for dinner tonight, November 7th. Join us Election Eve for the meal that wins by a decisive margin every time: Laundry Day at Nook. Tonight Chef Andy is serving up Red Wine Braised Beef with Roasted Root Vegetables. Laundry Day happens every Monday and you don’t even have to register for it.