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Go To Madras For All Night Happy Hour Tonight.

We’re continuing our ritual of conducting Happy Hour all night long at the Communal Table and Counter tonight, August 12th. It’s by far the most convivial happening in the area. As usual we’ll be offering half off almost all of our small plates in addition to $5 wine and cocktail selections. Tonight we’re reacquainting ourselves with the Madras, a kitsch cocktail classic, for just $5 too. The week may only be half over, but you don’t have to wait to celebrate at Nook.


Tasty Misnomers Are Our Specialty.

Recently I read that “Panama Hat” is a misnomer because the style is actually a product of Ecuador, and that Americans began calling it that when President Theodore Roosevelt famously appeared in one. Nook commits a similar error every week. We call our Monday special Laundry Day but we only serve it at night! What isn’t in question however is that you won’t find a better deal for an artistically crafted meal tonight, August 9th. Chef James is going to serve Fried Catfish with some sort of amazing Southern flair for just $12. It’s the meal we call Laundry Day, even though it’s at night.


Bears Love Sunday Dinner.

If you’re not off meandering through a National Park this week, why not join us on August 9th for a $20 Sunday Dinner instead? We have no waterfalls, bison or geysers but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ridge lines of Peach, Grilled Kale, Mozzarella and Pickled Shallot with Cumin Dressing. Blackened Local Yellowtail with Summer Succotash and Pickled Okra sets your camp up magnificently. And Coconut Rice Pudding with Pineapple for dessert is like a paddling across a placid bay. Michael is the Bar Ranger


Oh Dear Oberon, It's Laundry Day.

If your Monday eve finds you chanting faint hymns to a cold fruitless moon, join us for Laundry Day. Tonight, August 3rd Chef James fashions an entree featuring Sockeye Salmon that will make you earthlier happy than a rose distilled. Let us serve you up as swift as a shadow, and as short as any dream for just $12. May your heart be made of steel for Nook Bistro, friends.


Sunday Dinner Is Shakespeare Festival For The Palate.

Come Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves and join us on Sunday, August 2nd for a dinner that cures deafness of the taste buds. The potent art and rough magic of Chef James is such stuff as dreams are made of. A refreshing cup of chilly Gazpacho acquaints man with strange bedfellows. Your dinner may lie full fathom five, but its bones are made of Wild Sockeye Salmon with Summer Corn and Roasted Mushrooms. Hark. The sea nymphs ring hourly of Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, Caramel and Whipped Cream, not of Ding-Dongs. You may deny Reed, but he’ll be your servant of potent concoctions of alcohol.