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Who Is Sunny Jim?

We can always count on Michael to take a spirit we never knew existed and make something exquisite of it. He’s a blooming genius! And now he’s devised just the thing to get you through Summer’s scorching vengeance with a delighted smirk on your face. Achieve indifference to the heat with his latest: Sunny Jim. This guy is made of dry gin with a little lemon juice and a delightful ginger liqueur called Creme de Gingembre. As a bonus to your enjoyment of this cocktail, if you can figure out what he named it after, we’ll buy yours. One per table and you must submit your entry in person this weekend (Sept 6-8, 2013) only!


Nook Always Goes For It On 4th and 1.

No restaurant has a better Red Zone percentage on Sunday Dinners than Nook Bistro! Join us Sunday, September 8 for Chef James’ artfully designed, skillfully executed, three course game plan for just $20. Kick off with our beloved salad of Tomato, Basil, Melon and Feta. Blackened Catfish, Greens, Black Eye Peas and Celery Root Remoulade come out of the backfield with Adrian-Peterson-like finesse. The Strawberry Shortbread with Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise is our version of the quarterback sneak. Michael will be mixing drinks specifically designed to give you that Sky Box feeling.


Laundry Day Moves The Chains.

If there’s one good reason to take a game break from the MNF doubleheader this Monday it’s to enjoy our Laundry Day special. Join us September 9th for a Pork, Chorizo and Chickpea Stew. Priced at $12 it will leave you with sufficient salary cap room to spend on a glass of wine or a cocktail. Laundry Day at Nook: it’s the all in one meal that keeps you off the PUP list and back in the game.


White Negroni Sweeps Us Off Our Feet.

Meet the White Negroni. Its crystal clear appearance will beguile you even more once you've tasted it. Why? This cocktail is so beautiful and complex on the palate, your mind will struggle to comprehend how such a transparent drink could dazzle you so. Not to worry. Your befuddlement will be brief. For it will only be moments until you yield to its charm, and enjoy the sensation of its first, gentle kiss. The White Negroni: as close as a cocktail can make you feel to falling in love.


Tuesday, September 3rd: Surf and Turf!

Prepare your tiki torches, B-52s records and general sense of kitsch. We’re doing a good old fashioned Surf and Turf this Tuesday, September 3rd! Feast on an 8oz. New York Steak with Butter Poached Shrimp and a Grilled Romaine Wedge for just $25! It's the meal that transports you back to 1978 without even leaving the comfort of your neighborhood bistro. And if that doesn’t get you in the spirit, we’ll have $7 Mai Tais as well! No extra charge for the miniature umbrella, but it’s BYO plastic Lei. Regular menu available as well for those who don't surf or turf.