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Even If You Don't Like Pina Coladas And You Dislike Getting Caught In The Rain...

Michael has crafted a brilliant new drink. The Rupert Holmes Cocktail, named after the man who penned the above referenced song that will now be stuck in your head all day, might remind you a bit of a PIna Colada. Perhaps if you traveled deep into the future, that is! A carefully balanced creation made of Rum, Lime, Pineapple and Coconut-Chartreuse Foam (but don’t call Michael a mixologist, nope) it drinks like a sleekly elegant, sci-fi version of the famous cocktail, and without all of that noisy blender action. Dig it you will.


Sunday Dinner Causes Seismic Activity At Plaza West

Fans adore our $20 Sunday Dinner so fervently that geologists recently detected small tremors as a result of diners stomping to the restaurant. No joke. Join the seismic event as we shake out another one March 23rd. Get trembling with a lovely salad of Curry Roasted Cauliflower, Beets, Kale and Quinoa that will have you feeling great! No one could fault you for devouring the Grilled Chicken with Spinach, Creamy Polenta and Roasted Mushrooms. And the Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Strawberries for dessert is sure to cause a delicious harmonic ripple across your palate. Evan will be on hand to make cocktails and talk to you about Fantasy Baseball (he’s from the East Coast, so his earthquake knowledge is, well, shaky).


Monday Night Saints.

We just love it when Chef James cooks Southern, don’t you? Join us for the meal that kicks off your week right: Laundry Day at Nook! This Monday, March 24th we’ll take it back to the old school with Blackened Catfish, Beans, Greens and Cornbread, all for just $12! And if that wasn’t enough for you, cool off your palate with a refreshing bottle of Tololo Sauvignon Blanc for just $20. Start your week off with us and do great things!


Find Yourself In Quicksand.

The caption on the photo to the left is “homemade veggie burger, fries and lentil soup. Don’t bother me, I’m eating Quicksand!” If you haven’t heard or been by yet, our comrade Jeff Stuppler has opened a new lunch joint called Quicksand. It’s located at 12201 Santa Monica (at the corner of Amherst) which in real estate geography makes it Nook adjacent! The Big Q is currently open Monday through Friday from 11:00 to 2:30, with dinner hours to come. Check out the full menu and order online here. We can personally recommend the Q Burger and homemade Veggie Burger, but I hear the Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich is the thing to get! Stay tuned for the salad report.


Sunday Dinner Rendezvous.

Let’s get together for Sunday Dinner, shall we? Join us this Sunday, March 16th and we’ll ease you into the new season with a wonderful Spring Quinoa Salad. Enjoy the grain from the Andes as it pairs up with those other culinary harbingers of Spring: Asparagus, English Peas, Feta, Watercress and Mint. You may lose yourself in a state of delight when we serve you a Grilled Lamb Paillard with Charred Eggplant, Mint Pesto and Cumin Scented Yogurt. And you really don’t have to feel guilty finishing up with a Cornmeal Shortcake with Whipped Cream and Farmer’s Market Fruit, now do you? Giving yourself to Nook can never be wrong if the love is true. It all costs $20, and Michael will be on hand with his latest cocktail wizardry.

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