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Bistro Medicine Show.

Step right in to Nook Bistro folks because we have the cure for what ails hungry West-Siders this Sunday, March 1st. Pay just $20 and you too can get a taste of the three course miracle elixir that everyone is talking about. Looking for shinier, healthier skin? You’ll see immediate results with Cannellini Bean, Radish, Parsley, Olive and White Anchovy. For the first time ever we’re serving Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Puree, Kale and Smoked Cherry Compote. It contains no snake oil but it cures your hunger and fills you with delight just the same. And if you’re feeling a little out of sync with the universe, a Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Kumquats will realign you in no time. Michael conducts his famous Bar Olive Circus for your amusement, and reminds you that red wine contains antioxidants.


Hooray For Laundry Day!

It’s that screwy, ballyhooey day of the week again. We know you were up all night celebrating Ida’s triumph as Best Foreign Language Film, and we have just the thing to help you recover from your Oscar night hangover. Come by tonight February 23rd, and get yourself a plate of our Spicy Pork Meatballs with Polenta for just $12. Laundry Day at Nook: there’s nothing “phoney” or even “super coney” about it.


NB vs. NPH: Oscar Night Sunday Dinner.

We can’t compete with the talented and dashing Neil Patrick Harris, but we’ll do our best to be charming hosts if you join us on February 22. Our $20 Sunday Dinner, like Mr. Patrick Harris, is a “triple threat!” Sing with Beet, Maytag Blue, Citrus and Dill as your starter. Grilled Chicken, Roasted Mushrooms, Tomatillo and Polenta dance in a chorus line on your plate. And the Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding with Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream’s portrayal of your dessert will move you to tears. Michael hauntingly embodies the role bartender.


Get $5 Off Delivery On Oscar Night.

We know our clientele, so we know you’ll be rooted to your sofa eagerly awaiting the announcement of Best Foreign Language Film this Sunday night, February 22nd. The good news is that you can still let us feed you and have it delivered right to your door. As it happens, we have a deal to help you do just that! Get $5 off delivery when you place your order online via Grub Hub on Oscar night. Just use the code gg35205 at checkout. Leave the front door unlocked and you won’t even have to move from the couch. Some fine print: delivery radius is three miles. $20 Sunday Dinner not available for delivery, offer is for first time Grub Hub users only.


Sunday Is National Margarita Day!

Sunday, February 22nd is not only the most glamour filled day of the year, it’s also a very important, legitimate holiday. National Margarita Day is just beginning to garner the respect it deserves in the pantheon of great American holidays. To commemorate this occasion we’ll be serving three outstanding versions of the cocktail for just $8 each: The Classic Margarita, La Mosca (a housemade creation with Mezcal), and Michael’s famous Robinson Crusoe. If you can resist the allure of the red carpet then join us for one.