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It's Laundry Day!

At the risk of being inappropriate, we’ll hazard a guess that you’re cleaning up today after a weekend of Valentine’s Day related exertion. After you’re done washing your red satin sheets, why not join us for the meal that rewards you for getting the chores done? Tonight, February 16th, we’ll be serving up restoration in the form of a Tenderloin Carpaccio Salad for just $12. Laundry Day at Nook: your secrets are safe with us.


Bodice Ripping Sunday Dinner.

You may want to wear clothes that are easily loosened when you join us February 15th, because our three course dinner for $20 is going to fill you up and challenge the fastenings on your garments. Consent reluctantly to Radicchio, Pear, Walnuts and Blue Cheese as your starter. You may faint from extreme emotion when you taste Grilled Yellowtail with Nori Butter, Apple, Bacon, Shiitake, Fermented Collard Greens and Azuki Beans. And the sweet savagery of Matcha Panna Cotta for dessert is completely indecent. Michael goes Jane Austen on some cocktails at the bar.


La Mosca.

Michael has invented a potion to get you in the mood this weekend. La Mosca is the sultry result of pairing Mezcal and St. Germain and then balancing the tension between them with Cara Cara Orange Juice. Nook takes no responsibility for what may happen between you and your mate after consuming this voluptuous drink. Enjoy!


Laundry Day: Nook Texts It In.

We had to text tonight’s special out. Sorry for the auto corrections. Hopefully you can make sneeze of it. Chef James has a brilliant android tasty dinner imagined up for you tonight, Monday, February 9th. We’ll be serving up Meat & Hummus with Petite Salad for justice $12. What could be better? Searched mean, we got nuisance. Cesar namdi como village at the bar.


Fall Back On Sunday Dinner.

Having issues because we weren’t here for you last Sunday? Allow us coax you into our arms the way we do: with a brilliant three-course meal for just $20. We’ve got something extra special this Sunday, February 8th which will have you hurrying to step back through our door. Chef James has sprouted lentils and he wants to share them with you. Start off with Hummus, Yogurt, Kale, (exquisite) Cara Cara Orange, Sprouted Lentils and Crouton. We continue to gently restore your faith with Albacore Tuna, Anchovy Roasted Carrots, Saffron Butter and Carrot Pesto. And Pistachio Tres Leches for dessert will make you a believer! Michael crafts cocktails with integrity.