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2nd Annual Chocolate Bunny Exchange & Sunday Dinner.

Last year our effort to curb the proliferation of dangerous implements of dietary destruction helped so many people that we decided to continue the crusade. Easter Sunday (April 5th) will find our communities rife with dangerous amounts of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and Peeps. Bring us your Easter themed contraband along with a $20 processing fee, and we’ll give you our three course Sunday Dinner in exchange, no questions asked. Start off with a Springtime delight: Smashed English Peas, Mozzarella and Pickled Red Onion on Toast. Next, a Grilled Lamb Paillard with Charred Eggplant, Yogurt and Mint Chimichurri keeps the meal hopping. And Strawberry Shortbread for dessert will make you forget all about those Cadbury eggs you have at home. Cesar does Michael impersonations at the bar.


Laundry Day And The Art Of Devisery.

Chef James is devising something for you to enjoy tonight, March 30th, involving roasted organic chicken breast with a Mediterranean vibe. I can’t tell you exactly what it will be, as he’s still formulating it at the time of writing. You’ll just have to trust us like you always do and come on in. I can say with confidence that it will be delicious, skillfully executed and will leave you completely delighted for just $12. Also, I’m just going to guess that it might pair nicely with a $20 bottle of Chianti (pictured) because what doesn’t? Laundry Day at Nook: just trust us, man!


Sunday Dinner Software Update Cures Range Anxiety.

Feeling preoccupied about how far those $20 in your pocket will take you? Let Nook hack your dinner plans and reprogram them into three range-expanding courses on March 29th. Plug in with Freekeh, Cucumber, Radish, Grapes, Red Onion, Dill and Yogurt. Harissa Roasted Chicken Breast with Spiced Carrots and Teff Porridge (made from the world’s smallest grain, Ethiopian in origin) covers the span to your next meal. Cheesecake and Strawberries for dessert takes you even further into joy. Michael goes Elon Musk on some cocktails.


Fausto And Brian Release Happy Hour Update.

Speaking of updates, we've have installed a new version of Happy Hour. The period of delight now takes place in the convivial confines of our counter and communal table. You’ll find an expanded menu of wines for just $5 a glass, a kitschy $3 beer selection (currently Molson Canadian,) and $5 Hi-Balls with an option to “make it a double” for just $4 more. Additionally, most of our small plates are available for half price. Happy Hour goes from 5:30 to 7:00, Monday through Friday and is an unabashed effort to get you locals in during a time of day when no one else can get here.


Laundry Day Setlist.

No doubt you have a mountain of cleanup to do after partying all last week at South By Southwest. Let us do the cooking tonight, March 23rd. Tasso Stew and Grits with Fried Catfish performs on our main stage for just $12. Nook: broadcasting excitement for your tastebuds and satisfaction for your appetite.