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A Midsummer's Night Laundry Day.

If your Monday eve finds you living like a barren sister, chanting faint hymns to a cold fruitless moon, join us for Laundry Night. Tonight, August 4th we have something that will make you earthlier happy than a rose distilled. Let us serve you up Chicken on Sweet Corn Grits as swift as a shadow, and as short as any dream for just $12. Do you require further motivation? Let a $5 glass of Trebbiano wake thee from thy flowery bed. May your heart be made of steel for Nook Bistro, friends.


August 3rd Sunday Dinner Takes It To The Lake.

Pull your Airstream into the Plaza West parking lot this Sunday, August 3rd and join us for a three course, $20 Sunday Dinner that will make you feel like you’re on a lakeside vacation, but without the mosquito repellent. The placid beauty of Smoked Fish Toast with Cucumber, Tomato and Yogurt sets the tone. When we serve you up a Grilled Ribeye with Tomato and Sweet Peppers you’ll feel like you dipped your toes into the gently lapping waves. We don’t have Smores but the Sweet Corn Panna Cotta with Blackberries will get you there just the same. Evan casts a line on some fine cocktails.


Take The Shuttle To Laundry Day!

You don’t need to rent a seat cushion to enjoy a Monday night meal at Nook. Join us tonight, July 28th for the all in one meal that is its own entertainment: Laundry Day at Nook! We’ll be serving up Chicken over Sweet Corn Grits and Assorted Mushrooms with a Petite Market Salad for your sensory edification, and pouring $5 glasses of Trebbiano to give you that “I’m in the box seats” feeling. Monday’s are acoustically balanced at Nook.


Sunday Dinner Beats A Cold Shower.

Come by and join us for the Nook Bistro version of Summer Camp: The $20 Sunday Dinner. Our July 27th session offers many wholesome activities for you to enjoy, none of which are Carom, Archery or night hiking. Cucumber, Tomato, and Feta with Jalapeño Chimichurri as your starter will have you singing Cat Stevens songs in a circle. I’ll take Fresh Corn Grits, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Grilled Chicken over an Equestrian outing any old day. And instead of a Polar Bear Swim, how about Mango Sorbet with Black Berries? Michael is everybody’s favorite counselor at the bar.


Laundry Day Is Your Staycation.


If you’re not “gone fishin'” then join us for the Monday meal that keeps it real: Laundry Day at Nook! Everyone loves to get away in the Summer, but how about staying here and enjoying an all-in-one meal for $12 that leaves you with enough cash to put in your vacation jar? Join us tonight, July 21st for a Southern Fried Chicken "Banh Mai" with Petite Market Salad. We’ll also be pouring Minted White Sangria all evening long as well to give you that “getaway feeling.” Laundry Day at Nook takes you away!