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Cocktails That Go Boom!

Two new lovely Summer drinks have popped up on the menu this weekend. One is a refreshing classic known as The Bees Knees. This cocktail is the charming result of Gin, Lemon and Honey getting together. Equally enchanting is the new Basil and St.Germaine Cooler. Get your Basil fix with Elderflower Liqueur for some invigorating Summer refreshment. These drinks aren’t quite an unalienable right, but they’re close.


Laundry Day, June 30th, 2014.

Is there anything more satisfying than a steaming hot plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs? Search me, I got nothin’. Join us tonight, June 30th and get the ultimate comfort food done in the Chef James style for the low price of $12! This guy’s Meatballs are so good, you’d think he was Italian. And speaking of Italy, we'll be pouring $5 glasses of Monastrell to boot (that was a joke about how Italy looks like a boot, but the wine is Spanish). Wash your weeknight hunger away with Laundry Day Nook!


Rose Flight Anyone?

Rose has changed a lot since the time when people predominantly appreciated it by the jug. If you haven't experienced the refreshing grace of Rose, we want you to give it a go . We’re pouring a flight of elegant, thirst quenching Roses right now, showcasing three unique styles. Sample a German Rose of Pinot, A French Rose from Provence, and a rare Morroccan Rose, all in one convenient flight. It's the perfect drink for Summer. Give Rose a chance at Nook!


Sunday Dinner: Nook Loves To Love You, Baby.

It’s time to get into the Summer spirit, and we’re doing it here at Nook. Join us this Sunday, June 29th for a $20 Sunday Dinner that will have you feeling as fresh and good as the Farmers Market produce we’re serving. Step on stage with Heirloom Tomato, Basil, Melon, Feta and Wild Arugula. Looking for some hot stuff? How’s about a Grilled Lamb Paillard with Charred Eggplant, Jalapeno Chimichurri and Yogurt? And you’ll feel love when you sink your teeth into a Pistachio Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream. Michael will be crafting his excellent cocktails on the bar!


Sunday Dinner With Nook Bistro, Prince Of Darkness.

We enjoy celebrating after Summer Solstice here at Nook Bistro. Why? Because when the most illuminated day of the year is over this Saturday, daylight hours will begin shrinking slowly until we return to the time when diners eat more, and earlier (which is good for us, insert sinister laugh here). In the meantime let us enshroud you this Sunday, June 22 with three courses that radiate from within. The dawn of your meal breaks with Yogurt, Tomatoes and Jalapeno Pesto. Blackened Local Yellowtail with Summer Succotash synchronizes your sundial. And the Sun never sets on Poundcake with Peaches and Cream. All that for just $20! Michael gets dark at the bar.

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