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Laundry Day Pork Heist.

So I said to the guy “I got the line on an amazing pulled pork sandwich with crispy onions and a special little salad on the side. It’s going down tonight, October 26th at Nook Bistro.” And he says “that right?” And I say “yeah, pork so tender it’'s fallin’ apart for $12. You in or not?” And he says “well, I reckon so.” So that’s how it’s going down. Don’t tell no one.


We'll Crumble For You.

Dessert is an essential component of good dining grammar. There’s no better way to finish your meal right now than with an Apple Crumble and Vanilla Bean Gelato. It’s the exclamation point on any properly punctuated October/November dining.


You Can't Handle Our Sunday Dinner.

Someone told us that employing reverse psychology to promote our $20 Sunday Dinner for October 25th would be confusing and manipulative. They can’t tell us what to do though. Definitely don’t start off your meal with delicious salad of Fried Oyster, Pickled Shallot, Grapes and Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, you’d probably hate it. We bet you wouldn’t even be able to finish a lovingly assembled stack of Grilled Shrimp over Green Beans with Red Pepper Coulis. And you told us once that you don’t like pumpkin, so we won’t send you the Pumpkin Pot de Creme for dessert. Michael makes anti-suggestions at the bar, but we bet you can’t even find this restaurant anyway. Depicted left: last week’s special salad.


Wednesday: $5 Hemingway Daiquiris For All Night Happy Hour.

If you’re just hanging about West LA tonight, why not join us for our all night Happy Hour? It’s half off appetizers at the Communal Table and Counter all evening. And tonight we’ll be pouring $5 Hemingway Daiquiris just brimming with rum, citrus and cherry liqueur. Nook Bistro: committed to helping you get through the week!


Beef Bourguignonne Monday.

Join us Monday, October 19th for another edition of Laundry Day. We’ll be serving up deeply satisfying, soul soothing Beef Bourguignonne with Mashed Root Vegetables for $15. I can think of no better way to start off the week than by enjoying it with a glass of crowd-pleasing Clos De Gilroy Grenache. Laundry Day at Nook: initiate the new week with initiative!